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Save the date - 16 Sep 2016

Agile Greece Summit plans to surpass last year's awesome event

It's official!

Agile Greece Summit was announced last week. It will take place at Friday, Sep-16 2016 in Athens (exact location to be announced soon). The event, organized by Agile Greece. plans to surpass last year's success, where a packed audience of 235 Agile enthusiasts enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere and the great talks from 13 Agile experts from around the world.

The Speakers

The keynote speech will be given by Jurgen Appelo, the creator of Management 3.0, a world famous Agile & Management guru, or, as he likes to call himself, a creative networker.

Other speakers are also great, and include Spotify's Brendan Marsh,Oikosofy's Vasco Duarte and more.

See the impressive speaker line up here.

The Tickets

The full ticket costs 140 Euros. However, if you register early, you can get your ticket for 90 Euros (Super Early Bird discount, till May-10) or 110 Euros (Early Bird discount, till end of May).

In any case get it soon, last year's event was sold out and we expect the same for this one.

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How can you help?

Share the conference site on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, talk to your friends at work, come to our meetups, and get your ticket now!