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    Agile For Value

  • For companies: Scrum Bootcamp

    Enable Scrum through a role-specific 360 training programme

  • Scrum for Value

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    Agile and Scrum is the global trend in Software. Learn about it. Be a part of it (2 day course)

  • PSM-I for Value

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    A 2-day course that gets you ready to pass scrum.org's PSM-I certification.

  • For companies: Scrum Bootcamp

    Enable your team(s) with Scrum with a 360ᵒ Training Programme


    This is a comprehensive Scrum training programme, designed to fully cover a team’s Scrum training and certification needs for all roles, including the Development Team(s), Scrum Master(s), Product Owner(s) and Executives.


    Agile curiosity and a willingness to improve

    Programme Goals

    On completing this programme, the whole team(s) and its surrounding organizational functions will be fully trained and certified.


    On completing this programme, your team(s) will be ready to start using Scrum to increase the Value of your projects, the quality of your software and the productivity and happiness of your project team.

    Programme Details

    The programme is comprised of four separate courses complemented with role-specific coaching help:

    1. Scrum for Value - This is a 2-day course, designed to provide necessary knowledge to a (new or existing) Scrum team. Works best if attended by the whole team in one session.
    2. Scrum Master Deep Dive - A course focusing on the role of the Scrum Master, and how they can help their team, their product and their organization. The course prepares the attendees for the Professional Scrum Master I certification assessment by Scrum.org.
    3. Product Owner Deep Dive - A course focusing on the role of the Product Owner, and how they can create awesome products and services by maximizing the value of the work of the Scrum team. The course prepares the attendees for the Professional Product Owner Assessment I certification assessment.
    4. Agile&Scrum for Execs - A 4-hour workshop aimed for executives, outlining Agile values and principles and the way Leaders of Agile Organizations can inspire and enable their team to achieving high performance, through committed, creative and valuable delivery.
    5. Coaching help: Customized coaching sessions that will provide context to theory and produce immediate business benefit.
  • Scrum For Value

    Agile and Scrum is the global trend in Software. Learn about it. Be a part of it.


    This course is for you if you want to learn about Agile & Scrum and you are a: Software developer, team member, team leader, manager or project manager.



    Course Goals

    On completing the course you will have understood and be able to explain what Scrum is, and what it does better compared to the traditional project management methodologies. You will have understood the way Scrum works, the people involved and the way it interacts with your organization.


    On leaving this course you will be able to start using Scrum to increase the Value of your projects, the quality of your software and the productivity and happiness of your project team

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  • PSM-I for Value

    Be a Scrum Master. Get certified by scrum.org


    This course is for you, if you want to pass the Professional Scrum Master I assessment and get certified by scrum.org.


    Basic Scrum knowledge. If you have never read anything about Scrum, please read the Srum Guide and watch the videos at scrumtrainingseries.com, before attending.

    Course Goals

    Get you prepared to pass the PSM-I assessment. On completing the course you will be familiar with the Agile values, the Scrum roles, events and artifacts, and everything else that you need in order to pass the PSM I.


    PSM-I is one of the two most important Scrum certifications, and scrum.org's most popular. Find out more on Scrum Master certifications here.

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  • Agile Coaching

    Reduce time-to-market. Enhance customer satisfaction.

    Increase the productivity and well-being of the development teams.

    Be Agile.

    Effective & pragmatic Agile Coaching

    Exciting. Unique. Valuable. It's your journey.

    Agile and Scrum are not silver bullets -they are the means, not the goal. Respecting the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, we will help you discover your own, unique way to Agility.

    Feel free to request a consultation using our contact form.

  • FAQ

    Everything you need to know about us


    More coming soon..

    • Scrum For Value: A 2-day Scrum introductory course
    • PSM I for Value: Be a Scrum Master and get ready to pass scrum.org PSM I certification
    • Kanban I: Evolve your system to siginificantly improve your service delivery. Learn from Leading Experts. 
    • PSPO I for Value: Be a Scrum Product Owner and get ready to pass scrum.org PSPO I certification
    • Agile for Project Managers: a 3-day course on Agile methods, Scrum and increasing the Value of your software
    • Lead you Tech Team: Leadership and management skills for new technical managers and team leaders

    Where do the courses take place?

    Somewhere convenient

    The Cube co-wroking space, in the center of Athens, or OTEacademy, in Maroussi, depending on participants' convenience

    How much do the courses cost?

    Money for Value. Value for Money

    Not much; we try hard to stay lean, minimize waste and make sure the cost of the training will not keep you from joining us. Contact us for an offer. All certification courses include the exam/certification cost.

    I know very little about Agile/Scrum. Where should I start?

    Start Right Here

    Please see our blog post: New to Agile/Scrum? Start Here!

  • About Agile For Value

    Effective Agile Coaching & Training

    Effective Agile Coaching & Training

    Agile is for Value. So are we.

    Agile & Scrum focus on maximizing the business value created by your Products or Projects. We try to do the same. Our Training & Coaching services focus on your needs and deliver value to you and your organization.

    Dimitris Dimitrelos

    Experienced Agile Coach/Trainer

    Dimitris has been practicing, teaching and preaching Agile and Scrum since 2011. He has been working in the software industry for many years as a project manager, a PMO head and an Agile coach. He holds a degree in Computer Science, a PhD in High Performance Computing and an MBA, and has been certified as a PSM-I, PSM-II and PSPO-I by Scrum.org. Dimitris is an active member of the Agile Greece community.

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    September 1, 2020 · agile transformation,business agility
    Summary I see this a lot: Anyone outside IT is referred to by IT people as “the Business”, and Agile Transformation efforts focus at establishing “IT & Business collaboration”. I particularly dislike using the catch-all term “Business” and advise against using it. There is not a single type of ...
    January 16, 2018 · scrum scaling,Industry reports
    6point6's study published on April 2017, based on a survey on 300 CIOs (average company size: 1,300 people) shows that the perception of Agile is changing. CIOs are often disillusioned, finding (usually the hard way) that many(12%-21%) agile projects fail completely, that Agile is not easy to...
    October 16, 2017 · scrum,Scrum Intro,Planning
    Step 0: Organize a Scrum Training session If you are serious about using Scrum, do not skip this. Bring an expert in to educate both teams and stakeholders, so you can start with the right foot. Experimenting with Scrum requires a mental shift, which cannot be triggered without an external...
    That was a great conference! ...650+ participants ...more than 15 sponsors ...10 exciting talks ... and Uncle Bob There is a 450€ gift for you! 105 of you took part in the lottery to win a free seat at our upcoming Scrum for Value seminar of Oct 20-21. Before we announce the winner, let us...
    Taking place on Friday Sep 22nd 2017 in Athens, the Agile Greece Summit 2017 will host an impressive speaker line-up, presenting their journeys and experiences. More than 550 participants will enjoy the inspiring talks, the fantastic atmosphere and community feeling of the event. Agile Greece...
    September 18, 2016 · scrum training,agile training,scrum master
    During the Agile Greece Summit we promised to draw a free seat for one of the next AgileForValue Agile training courses. Lottery was based on the contact data of the attendees. Who won? The drawing The drawing was made on Sunday morning. Theresa ensured the fairness and transparency of the...
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