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AGRS2017 - And the winner is...



That was a great conference!

...650+ participants

...more than 15 sponsors

...10 exciting talks

... and Uncle Bob

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There is a 450€ gift for you!

105 of you took part in the lottery to win a free seat at our upcoming Scrum for Value seminar of Oct 20-21.

Before we announce the winner, let us tell you that by participating in our survey you are entitled to our exclusive AGRS offer

For every registration to our Scrum for Value seminar on Oct 20-21, you get another seat for free!

Just use the coupon found on the survey.

If you already have the coupon, register for the course here.

...and the winner is...

Mr. Triantafyllos Gavrilas

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If you are Mr. Gavrilas, congrats!

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You will be contacted by our team very, very soon