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AGRS2016 Lottery. Who won?

(scroll down to find out)

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During the Agile Greece Summit we promised to draw a free seat for one of the next AgileForValue Agile training courses. Lottery was based on the contact data of the attendees. Who won?

The drawing

The drawing was made on Sunday morning. Theresa ensured the fairness and transparency of the procedure, following strict rules and guidelines :)

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And the winner is... YOU!

Register for our October and November courses and get another seat in the course for free!

Bring a friend or colleague, and spread the agile way of working.

Register for our courses and get ready to:

  1. Start using Scrum to reduce your time-to-market and increase the quality of your product and the happiness of your development team, or
  2. Become a Scrum Master and get ready for certification by

Note: Kanban courses are excluded from the offer -sorry guys, the instructors are flown in from London for the course.

But wait!... There is also a lottery winner for a completely free course, no strings attached.

And the lottery winner is...

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Thomas Arvanitis, whose business card Theresa drew from the box, is the lucky winner.

We'll contact Thomas and make sure he enjoys his course with